What Malta Red Cross does

The mission of the Malta Red Cross Society is to prevent and alleviate human suffering, improving the situation of the most vulnerable people with absolute impartiality and without discrimination as to race, nationality, gender, class, religious beliefs or political opinions.

The main purposes of the Society are:

  • to act in cases of armed conflicts, as auxiliary to the relevant public authorities, in all areas envisioned by the Geneva Conventions in favour of all war victims, both civilians and military
  • to closely cooperate during times of peace with the Civil Protection Department and relevant public authorities involved in disaster situations
  • to carry out health and welfare programs for the benefit of particularly vulnerable groups, always promoting responsible co-participation by other organizations and the community
  • to disseminate the fundamental principles of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and International Humanitarian Law and promote the ideals of peace, respect and mutual understanding
  • to promote and contribute to environmental protection and preservation.
  • to co-operate with and support other National Societies
  • to co-operate with public authorities, ensuring respect for International Humanitarian law
  • to promote a universal sense of solidarity to all those in need of its protection and assistance.