Land and Water Rescue

Although we do not concentrate on rescue unit activities, medical support can be required in difficult-to-reach areas and we have ensured that our volunteers are highly trained in rescue techniques and can provide critical medical assistance without delay.

Land Rescue

Malta Red Cross land rescuers are highly trained in rigging, abseiling, rope handling, rescue techniques, and first aid. Our volunteers are certified by the Civil Protection Department and Italian Red Cross who are at the forefront of rescue techniques. They are also fully qualified First Aiders.

Each rescuer has a kit bag ready for use in the case of an emergency. All equipment is maintained in optimum condition and subject to regular safety checks.

The Malta Red Cross fleet consists of two four-wheel drive vehicles, a multi-terrain quad bike, a four-wheel drive platform and a trailer designed for use in difficult terrain.

Sea Rescue

As with land rescue, Malta Red Cross water rescuers are highly trained personnel who specialise in open water rescue. Training in open water rescue techniques, rapid water rescue and water vessel handling is provided to volunteers. These have been held in conjunction with the Italian Red Cross in Tuscany and also the Bulgarian Red Cross.Training and sessions are held locally on a regular basis. Malta Red Cross also work with entities such as the Armed Forces of Malta and the Civil Protection Department.

Equipment must be kept in excellent condition, particularly equipment in contact with seawater and subject to corrosion. Rescuers constantly check their equipment to ensure that it is damage free and that faulty items are replaced. The Malta Red Cross fleet also includes a fully equipped hydro ambulance (RHIB), a four-wheel drive vehicle and a jet ski.